Euskal Memoria Digitala

Euskal Memoria Digitala (Basque Digital Memory) is an open access database of digital resources around Basque culture. Sancho el Sabio Foundation produces, acquires and preserves this database in their headquarters in Vitoria-Gasteiz. It came out as a collection of manuscripts and printed documents, mostly written in Basque language. Chronologically it covers from 16th century up to 1939, and it keeps including new resources every day for consultation by the research community: maps, printed publications, etc. .

Depósito Académico Digital de la Universidad de Navarra - Universidad de Navarra

Dadun is an institutional repository from University of Navarra based on open access that collects, preserves and disseminates papers reflecting the academic and scientific activity at the University. Dadun is organized into five major areas:

  • Scholar Repository: Documents produced by the research of members of the University: Doctoral Thesis, Postprints, Communications at conferences, Presentations, etc.
  • Teaching Materials: Teaching Materials and Learning Objectives deposited by the University of Navarra lecturers: Assessments, Assignments, Manuals, Class notes, etc.
  • Institutional Publications: Publications created by the University of Navarra regarding Academic Reports, Research Reports, Opening school year speeches, etc.
  • UN Journals: Includes Journal articles published by the Publications Service of the University of Navarra.
  • General Archive: Personal and Family Documentary Catalogues compiled by the University of Navarra to promote research in Humanities based on primary sources.

Archive for Basque and Typologically-related Languages Research - IKER / CNRS

Artxiker Archive is a digital library which receives and diffuses the scholarly production of international research in the field of the Basque language and typologically-related languages. This resource is the result of the cooperation between the Basque Text and Language Study Center IKER - UMR 5478 of CNRS and the Center for the Direct Scientific Diffusion - UPS 2275 of CNRS. The Artxiker Archive profits from the support of the main university research centers which pursue research on Basque language and most prominently: Université Michel de Montaigne - Bordeaux 3, Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, Universidad del País Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Universidad Pública de Navarra - Nafarroako Unibertsitate Publikoa, Universidad de Deusto - Deustuko Unibertsitatea.

Basque culture and science digital library - Euskomedia

Hedatuz, created by the Euskomedia Fundazioa, aims to place at the disposal of Basque society all the magazine articles and monographic and specialist works published by Eusko Ikaskuntza since 1918, as well as issues published by RIEV since 1907. The collection encompasses over 5,000 articles with access to the complete text, focusing on an extraordinarily broad range of topics and issues. Most common are those related to history, anthropology and arts, followed by political science, sociology and linguistics. Euskomedia Foundation was set up by Eusko Ikaskuntza-Society for Basque Studies on 18 February 2002, with the aim of fostering and developing the dissemination (through networks and other digital means) of the cultural and scientific contents established by either the EI-SBS itself or third parties, which may be of interest within the cultural, social, business or educational fields or which might promote the comprehensive development of Basque society and improve its knowledge base. Although at the time of its launch the project's contents referred only to a single organization, Eusko Ikaskuntza, it was nevertheless set up with the clear objective of fostering inter-institutional relations and an interdisciplinary approach, and its doors are open to all initiatives wishing to participate in the project who share our fervent desire to "facilitate the consultation of digital resources and, in general, bibliographic materials related to Basque culture and science".

Repositorio Digital de la Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa - Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa

Meta is the open-access repository for the collections managed by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. It makes the metadata for its collections available to anyone. Ongoing work is making new catalogs and collections available here: books, journals, photos... Most of the contents described are directly accesible in digital form. Whenever the contents themselves have been produced by the Council, or the Council holds the full distribution rights to contents created by others, they are put available under licenses that favor free access and creative reuse (Creative Commons).

Auñamendi Entziklopedia - Euskomedia, Eusko Ikaskuntza

Auñamendi Entziklopedia is a project with a vocation to be a link between tradition, present and future of Euskal Herria. This project have as much as 150,000 items accessible relating past and new content demanded by today's society, all built from criteria of quality, innovation, diversity, openness and multilingualism that guide the project.

eDTB - Euskal doktorego tesien bilduma - Euskomedia

The aim of eDTBk repository is to make available through OAI-PMH metadata about doctoral theses produced in the Basque Country or related to the basque culture.

Liburuklik Euskal liburutegi digitala - Eusko Jaurlaritza

Liburuklik digital library driven by the Basque Government, includes the collections of the Basque Parliament and the Sanctuary of Loiola. Currently, the Library Service is working to incorporate the collections of other cultural institutions.

Euskonews - Euskomedia, Eusko Ikaskuntza

Euskonews is a weekly electronic publication about Basque science and culture published since 1998. Currently consists of more than 12,000 articles.



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